Vaadin 7 Javadoc updates

I just want to confirm whether the Vaadin 7 effort will include a comprehensive review and update of the API Javadocs.

I don’t know about other people but as a developer I think complete and accurate Javadocs are essential. The best example of great Javadocs I know of is the
Spring Framework
. While Vaadin is a wonderful overall tool, I have sometimes found the Javadocs to be vague or incomplete, so that reading the code was required (when that happens, Javadocs have failed in their mission).

In any case, there are still several classes that need to be updated, e.g.

As Vaadin changes, Javadoc maintenance becomes more and more important. Just wanted to put in an encouraging word on their behalf.


While javadoc updates are important, it is also hard to write/update large segments of javadoc at once so that the resulting documentation would be truly useful and not just a short mechanistic description.

We do try to update javadoc when touching classes. However, even though e.g. most of the Window javadoc was updated, the class level description was not and is now incorrect in Vaadin 7. I created ticket
about Window. Specific tickets - or comments to existing javadoc tickets - are one way to push for specific javadoc updates or corrections.

There are also separate tickets for larger review and update of individual class javadocs (
trac query
) some of which we’ll try to address later in the release cycle.