Vaadin 7 - Grid remove shortcuts


I am using grid in unbuffered mode with 3 TextFields set as editorFields in 3 different columns of that grid. Under grid there are some buttons - delete some entries, commit changes, undo and so on. For every button there is key shortcut (created as button.setClickShortcut). I want to temporaraly delete this shortcut when I am in edit mode of that grid.
I found solution to be here
→ using Focus and BlurListener on those TextField, in case I used just one TextField in that grid it works just fine. But when I have 3 different TextFields per row there are some problems causing shortcuts not to be removed.
In 1 TextField behaviour was exact. After entering edit mode of that TextField focus listener took place, after loosing focus blurListener took place. But when there are more textfield it does not behave as expected.

How to solve this problem?