Vaadin 7 grid EditorField not showing

Hello everyone,

I am having a problem with the Vaadin Grid in Vaadin 7. I’ve enabled the inline editor in the following way:

            ComboBox fuehrtZdBox = new ComboBox();
            ComboBox nimmtTeilBox = new ComboBox();
            fuehrtZdBox.addItems("Ja", "Nein");
            nimmtTeilBox.addItems("Ja", "Nein");
            Column fuehrtZdColum = mitarbeiterGrid.getColumn("fuehrtZd");
            Column nimmtTeil = mitarbeiterGrid.getColumn("nimmtTeil");

I am using a BeanItemContainer to supply the grid with data. The grid is made with the Vaadin Designer and uses the following Content:


Mitarbeiter Führt ZD Nimmt Teil
[/code]so the colums refer to a attribute of an entity. Somehow I cant get the ComboBoxes to work in the inline editor, it's always just a nomral textfield. Here is a screenshot: [url=] [img] [/img] [/url]

What is going wrong here? Why doesnt it work?

I can’t see what the problem might be. Are you still having this issue? I would check if the getColumn() method returns the correct column? Are there any client or server side exceptions? Perhaps check the DOM to see if the combo boxes anyhwere show up at all.