vaadin 7 - get repository and pom dependency

can someone write a worked repository that contains vaadin framework with latest version and pom dependency, cause I tried googled and it’s ridiculous, no one of given repository contains vaadin 7.1.12 or at least 7.0.
I’m really surprised that I couldn’t find


Have you tried|ga|1|Vaadin

I saw this repository, but there I didn’t found a *jar that contains vaadin 7.1.12 with all components, I mean like for example vaadin version 6.8.3 ,I write a simple one dependency :


and that’s it, I get vaadin and can use all libraries
p.s. maybe for vaadin 7+ the import it’s different and I need import each ArtifactId separately ?

Vaadin 7 has been split into several artifacts. I would recommend trying out vaadin-archetype-application (or vaadin-archetype-widget for developing an add-on) to see what you need in your POM (dependencies and their scopes, plugin configuration).

At a minimum, if I remember correctly, you need vaadin-server, vaadin-themes and vaadin-client-compiled as well as their dependencies if you are not using a custom widgetset. If using one, replace vaadin-client-compiled with vaadin-client-compiler and include also vaadin-client.