Vaadin 7 Form Tag

Hi All,

I’m working on an application that needs to interface with a payment gateway like Stripe. In order to maintain PCI compliance I need to capture a users credit card details using a Javascript library provided by Stripe. The Stripe.js library requires the use of a form object to access the member fields that contain the sentistive information. The problem is that with Vaadin 7 I can’t for the life me figure out how to create the requisite form html tag. I’ve treid FieldGroup and the appropriate data binders to no avail. I’m also hesistant to use the deprecated Form class from Vaadin 6.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to accomplish generating a real html form. I’ve been searching for a day and a half but can’t find any examples or anything else helpful.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!


A bit of an old post, but still…

Did you have any success finding a solution for this? If you’re still interested in a solution, you could try to hack it by using CustomLayout. As you noticed, the Form or FieldGroup doesn’t have anything to do with HTML form data. More on CustomLayout here