Vaadin 7 Developer Certification week is here!

The Vaadin Certification week is here, starting from today!
You have until Sunday, March 29th to take the test completely for free.

The exam is taken as an online test at
Before the test, you need to log in to Please, ensure you have a good network connection available during the exam. And in ‘case of emergency’ you can also pause the test - and resume later.

The exam consists of about 40 multiple-choice questions. There is a time limit on each question. In the beginning, there is a small warm-up that does not affect the actual exam result. To earn your Vaadin 7 Certified Developer certificate, you must score at least 60 percent.

Good luck!

Dear Tanja,
I am trying to take the certification exam but it is not available for free. Asking to pay 99 euros for the exam.
Please advice.

Shailesh Khandelwal

After the exam is completed, you
do not provide any feedback
(right/wrong answers)

This means:

  • You are not interested in the skill improvement among Vaadin developers, but rather in money from the training and subsequent exam attempts. Please find any schooll class where a teacher announces the notes and does’t say anything about mistakes made.
  • You might announce “free exam weeks” just to encourage people to pay for that next month if the first run fails. And for an additional training.
    Maybe this “free exam” is always failed by design
    there is no evidence you are playing fair
    unless you show what was (in your opinion) correct and what’s not.

Shame. If I can’t trust you in this case, can I trust your products?

When I press button “Begin Warm Up” there is an internal error.
The week is time out already?

Hi Wojciech,

you are completely right about the lack in the system but the reason I can assure you is not for selling certifications. This was a design decision at the time of creating the certification system for official training certifications (the final exam after participating in a training) and to avoid the fact that it would help cheating by sharing the right answers to piers working in the same company which would create an inflation for the value of the certification. The test is quite hard, and only approx 20% of people pass the exam and not even Vaadin Ltd employees pass it on their first try so you shouldn’t feel bad about not passing it. The free exams are there to help you practice it so you’d be able to see how well you know Vaadin. And during the next free week hopefully you’ll get more points.

We’ve tried to keep the questions such that there are only clear correct answers but we’ll look into giving better feedback so that you can learn. You’re correct that this aspect is completely forgotten in the survey responses! Very good point and we’ll improve that.

P.S. There is no “failed by design”. The questions and answers are 100% honest.

Thanks for your explanation. I did not want to make any accusations, just to encourage you for transparency. And, of course to suggest giving a feddback for educational reason. I’m glad you’ll going to implement that.
Your answer clears all up.

Hi Tanja Repo,
after the exam was completed,Plz provide right answers. i dont know how you are evaluate answers.

Read the book. Built an applications. Took the exam. Got about 50%. But still failed (twice).

Does this make me hate Vaadin? Nope.
Does this make Vaadin products not trustable? Nope.

Certification in one product or the system is not useful unless it has some practical relevance (or real use). For example, here you can show your authority by “batch” labeled next to your pic …“Vaadin Certified blah blah…”

Joonas and his team has put the bar “too high”. Above 60%… and I don’t really know if they have also implemented some negative markings. Cloud is dark and grey!!! I’ll wait for Vaadin 8 Certification Exam. :slight_smile:

@the god:
I fully agree.

One explanation: the “trust” thread I began was solely related to intransparency due to the unexpected lack of feedback. Not to the idea of certication as such or the result I got (57%).

– end of prayer – :slight_smile:

I took vaadin 7 certification exam in December 2016 and got the certificate.
But now I can not see my certificate.
I need a link to the certificate.
Can someone help me?

Fatih güleryüz:
I took vaadin 7 certification exam in December 2016 and got the certificate.
But now I can not see my certificate.
I need a link to the certificate.
Can someone help me?

Hi, your certification should be available in