Vaadin 7 - DateField TextChangeListener

Unlike TextFields vaadin 7 DateFields do not have a TextChangeListener.
A ValueChangelistener only triggers when the field loses focus and for my use case I need it to trigger sooner. (before the field loses focus)

I’ve tried using a shortcutlistener on the component itself but nothing seems to get triggered. I’ve tried the same (and using an actionhandler) on a panel in which I had wrapped the component to trigger the ValueChangeListener when a key is pressed. Unfortunately these do nothing at all when I press a key in the DateField.

Here’s a simple example where I tried it for pressing the NUM1 key:

dfDisabilityBenefitsEndDate = new PopupDateField();
pnlDisBen = new Panel(dfDisabilityBenefitsEndDate);
pnlDisBen.addShortcutListener(new ShortcutListener("TEST", NUM1, null) {

	public void handleAction(Object sender, Object target) {

Does anybody have an idea?

I may be completely wrong here, but if I remember correctly you can set the field immediate in Vaadin 7 to let the value change listener trigger instantly.


Thanks for you rresponse.
Unforutnately, it doesn’t really change anything. Still only triggers the listener when the focus moves away from the field.
With PopupdateField you can disable input via the textfield so the user is only able to change the date via the datepicker, which is what i’ve done to resolve the issue temporarily.