Vaadin 7 and jquery

I am trying to use JQuery inside Vaadin 7. I thought of using the Vaadin 6 approach of extending the ApplicationServet and adding custom code in “writeAjaxPageHtmlVaadinScripts”. This however is no longer supported in 7

I explored the Vaadin 7 wiki but didnt find any clues although the Vaadin 7 roadmap says this should be easier now…Any hints for me to get this done right now

I need to add Jquery JS files inside my application

New API for loading external javascript files is planned for an upcoming alpha release of Vaadin 7, but it has not yet been implemented. And as you have observed, the old hack for adding additional script tags to the HTML page does not work any more.

I can’t come up with any good way of getting the script tag in your HTML until proper support for it has been added. Bad ways include adding your own version of BootstrapHandler to the classpath before the version from vaadin.jar or adding the script tag using Root.executeJavaScript.

Thanks for the tip, thats what i did for now…Will wait for production release of Vaadin 7 and will re-implement it in a cleaner way…