Vaadin 7.7 DateSelector popup arrow-cursor-keys

Hi all!

we are still using the old vaadin 7.7 and it still does it’s job fine :slight_smile:
Now we got an issue of a customer, that he could not use the arrow-keys to set the date within a datefield popup calendar control within a grid-row. That worked until some month ago, but now - perhaps because of a firefox-update - it’s not possible anymore. We navigate through a grid with Tab-Key, open the Date-Selector via down-key and then the keyboard-usability breaks. We did not change anything on that control, and in chrome it still works. But the customer seems so love the firefox and does not like to change, so I ask for possibilities.
Did you hear about similar problems? Or did I miss needed information?

Thx in advance & best regards! :slight_smile: