Vaadin 7.7.9 Problem with Guava

since I have updated the Vaadin framework from 7.6.6 to 7.7.9 I have a problem with guava in another part of the project. I use Guava in version 19.0 to determine the MIME type of file. Since the update I always get a class not found exception of the guava MediaType ( If I return back to 7.6.6 the exception is not thrown anymore. I already refreshed and resolved ivy, with no success. Therefore I think with 7.7.9 vaadin ships another version of it’s own guava package, which does not include the Media Type. I already tried to exclude it in ivy with the following configuration, but it does not solve the problem:


    <dependency org="com.vaadin" name="vaadin-server" rev="&vaadin.version;">
        <exclude org="" name="guava"/>

[/code]Can someone give me a hint to solve this dependcy problem?