Vaadin 7.7.1 and Wildfly 8.1 (I have tried 8.2)

Hi All,

I’m getting the dreaded:

“Failed to load the bootstrap javascript: ./VAADIN/vaadinBootstrap.js”.

I’m using latest JDK 1.8, latest Eclipse Neon and latest Vaadin Eclipse plugin 3.0.0.

I created a Vaadin project using the plugin and I deploy it to JBoss via Eclipse but when I click on my Application URL using Chrome (and tried IE11) I get the above exception.

Please find attached my project, which in the target folder has the generated war file.

I have gone through similar posts and have tried all the things those posts mentioned to no avail.

Any ideas are welcome please as I’m trying to push my company to use Vaadin going forward and I have until Monday to demo my Proof-of-concept.

Kind regards

Seems I cant atached 27megs worth of zipped up files.
So here is relevant files, let me know if anything else is required. (1.86 KB)
28404.xml (1.27 KB)
28405.xml (3.26 KB)