Vaadin 7.6.6 GWT version Compatibility

Which version of GWT is
Vaadin 7.6.6
compatible with?

Vaadin 7.6.6
GWT 2.8.0-beta1

Vaadin 7.6.6
include a more recent version of GWT?

Thanks in advance,


(what Leif said)

Vaadin Framework 7.6.6 as well as the upcoming 7.7.x series are based on GWT 2.7.

We are unfortunately not able to directly include GWT 2.8 since Vaadin Framework 7.x preserves compatibility with Java 6 whereas GWT 2.8 requires Java 1.8.

Thanks to the Mavenized build that will be part of Framework 7.7, it should be easier to use your own GWT version together with the framework, and I would also expect any discovered incompatibilities with GWT 2.8 to be fixed swiftly as long as the fix doesn’t break compatibility with the bundled version.