Vaadin 7.6.1 - theme compilation failure

Using Vaadin 7.5.10, theme compilation succeeds. Using 7.6.1 a failed message arises after compiling the theme using Eclipse (Version: Mars.1 Release (4.5.1)).

Compiling theme foss failed after 2726 ms

However, all of my 750 lines of css mixin work fine - identically whether the “done” or “failed” message appears. Does the change in behaviour results from the resolution to
ticket 18489

The debug window contains a clue (attached) - what does it mean?


Hi, same problem for me, I suggest you to open a new ticket.
For me compilation says failed using 7.6.0 and 7.6.1, but works with 7.5.10.


Same problem for me. I’m using Netbeans 8.1. Vaadin 7.5.10 is OK, but 7.6.0 or 7.6.1 failed.

When I remove Sass compiler, the error does not happen.



Input file is the .scss file to compile.
Output file is an optional argument, indicating the file
in which to store the generated CSS. If it is not defined,
the compiled CSS will be written to standard output.


      Stop processing options

      Create also a compressed version of the compiled CSS (only when output file is given)
      Valid values: true, false
      Default: false
      Example: -compress:true

   -h, -help
      Print this help text and exit

      Let compilation succeed even though there are warnings
      Valid values: true, false
      Default: false
      Example: -ignore-warnings:true

      Minify the compiled CSS with YUI Compressor
      Valid values: true, false
      Default: false
      Example: -minify:true

      Set URL handling mode
      Valid values: mixed, absolute, relative
      Default: mixed
      Example: -urlMode:mixed