Vaadin 7.5 bug not fully fixed

Hey all.

I was just getting around to upgrading to 7.5, and in reading the release notes I saw this was marked as fixed:

This problem had bitten me in the past, and I had to work around it. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like the issue is fixed unless you use just the Table component. I use the FilterTable add-on quite a bit, which extends CustomTable. The changes you made to the Table component were not applied to the CustomTable, so it still doesn’t work properly.

I added a note to that ticket, but I didn’t know if that would actually let anyone know since it’s already marked as fixed.


FilteringTable (and CustomTable which is part of FilteringTable) is a third party add-on which has nothing to do with official releases nor is it maintained by Vaadin. It’s up to the add-on author to fix it.

That said, I’ll let the add-on author know about your issues. Hopefully he’ll find time to fix it also to the FilteringTable add-on.

My mistake! I looked at the package that CustomTable was in, and all the java docs… I had simply thought it was a part of the framework and not the addon (which reading the javadoc, it heavily implies it is).

Thanks for passing on the message though, it’s appreciated.