vaadin 7.5.2 portlets do not load in liferay

The code I have works perfectly fine as a servlet, but fails as a portlet. Looking into the styles.css, vaadinBootsrap.js etc. with firebug. They look really weird:
���������ko����+����j���(��$vq�q9@g���P …

I suppose it is related to


I just saved the vaadinBootstrap.js, but I was not able to uncompress it with gzip -d. So maybe it is not a compression probelm after all.
Does anybody experience similar problems?

Update: Just realized, that I have another portlet, that is already running vaadin 7.5.1. Downgrading did not solve the problem. Both of them are self-contained.

Update 2: Downgrading to vaadin 7.4.8 did solve the problem. But it would be nice to have the newest grid features at some point.

Did you post anything in the ticket? I’m not sure it’s going to get any traction unless there is support for getting it fixed…