vaadin 7.4 release notes

Hey there,
I am waiting for vaadin 7.4 for a long time and I am really happy to see the announcement of RC1 today.

Now I read following:
“The semantics of empty and required for Field classes has been made more consistent. This mainly affects Checkbox which is now considered to be empty when it is not checked.”

Could you please clarify what this means?
If I have a BeanItemContainer bound to a form auto generated all the form fields and commit the form to the bean, does the getBooleanValue() return NULL instead of FALSE? Is there an option for default FALSE (like annotating the property with NotNull)?
Am I able to commit the form without setting the property to TRUE if I use a JSR303 validator and having annotated the property with NotNull?

Thanks for answers

Anyone can confirm this change?

I knew this could cause trouble. Now my validator has to theck if field instanceOf CheckBox. Really annoying but somehow understandable…