Vaadin 7.3.beta1 and "tests-valo-facebook"

Sorry for my english…
How I can use facebook theme from demo of Valo theme with Vaadin 7.3.beta1?
In demo source used SetTheme(), but as I know in Vaadin 7 theme must set by @Theme.

You just take the files or the entire folder from the github repository
and put it in the WebContent/VAADIN/themes folder of your project.So it might look something like this afterwards:

  • tests-valo-facebook
  • style.scss
  • _variables.scss


Then you can use it in your project using @Theme("tests-valo-facebook) or setTheme(…) although the latter is deprecated.
If you want to modify the theme you can @include the scss files of tests-valo-facebook in your own style.scss. For more information on that have a look at the Vaadin book about themes and importing/including/mixin… other styles.

All works!