Vaadin 7.3.9 + CAS

Hi, few days ago I migrated my application from Vaadin 6.4.10 to Vaadin 7.3.9, but i’m still having problem with my portlet behaviour after redirect from CAS.

I used this link to integrate vaadin with cas :

My application is redirecting me to Cas, after successful login I’m being redirected to portlet site but all content is lost. I think that after redirect I see on my page different UI instance than before. After adding RequestHandler on current VaadinSession I see that every request is adding to main layout another components but I can’t see anything. Am I losing something? Is there possibility that after redirect I see another UI instance? Can I get previous instance and set it as visible?

public class MyUI extends CasAuthenticatedUI {

protected void init(VaadinRequest request) {
    setContent(new Label("You're not logged in"));
    if (!super.isReadyToDisplayContent()) {
    setContent(new Label("You're logged in"));

[/code]CasAuthenticatedUI is copied from here :

I don’t have such problems when I use simple button to clear content and set panel I want to see after being logged in.

Part of my portlet.xml







[/code]And UIProvider

public class TestSpringUIProvider extends UIProvider {

    private static Logger log = LoggerFactory.getLogger(TestSpringUIProvider.class);

    public UI createInstance(UICreateEvent event) {
        VaadinPortletRequest vaadinRequest = (VaadinPortletRequest) event.getRequest();
        PortletRequest portletRequest = vaadinRequest.getPortletRequest();
        ApplicationContext appContext = PortletApplicationContextUtils.getWebApplicationContext(portletRequest.getPortletSession().getPortletContext());
        UI app = appContext.getBean("com.test.MyUI", UI.class);"utworzono aplikacje: " + app);
        return app;

    public Class<? extends UI> getUIClass(UIClassSelectionEvent uiClassSelectionEvent) {
        return MyUI.class;