Vaadin 7.3.8 - Performance in IE 11

Hi All,
We are developing a financial application with vaadin version of 7.3.8, liferay 6.2 integrated in jBoss bundle 7.x.

Components used in our application are as below :

  1. Custom paginated tree table which is extended from vaadin table.
  2. Using Field factory for the table to have textfields as our application involves more on the fly calculation.

The result of using the above features is making our application very slow in IE (tested in IE 9 and IE 11) when compared to Chrome or FireFox.

Scenario of testing the screen:
We have around 110 columns and 30 rows in the custom paginated tree table. With same set of data and scenrio below is the time recorded.
Chrome - 2 seconds to load,
FireFox - 4 seconds to load,
IE11 - 46 seconds to load.
(The above time is the time taken to render the screen)

We identified that the Json response created is large and taking time to be parsed and rendered in IE. Removing field factory decreased 15 seconds of screen load in IE. So as an alternative we tried replacing field factory with column generator by creating a textfield for selected cell on selecting a row using table’s item click listener. But on selecting an item in the table, the item select listener is taking too much time to render. We analyzed the json created and found that the Json is not created for the selected row alone but created for the entire table including the properties that were set to the table, the data in the table, column header and visible columns of the table. Is there any way to improve IE performance or to minimize the json response string?

We have recenty migrated our application from Vaadin 6 to 7. We are facing slowness in our applications on IE 11 (edge)
In some cases when compactibility mode is set to 9 ,it works fine. Chrome and Mozzila works as expected and fast.
The reason we found in IE while running performnce analyser in IE developer tool , 60% of the tiem is spent on styleeing the page and apply css.

Is there any css issue to be fixed, we are using reindeer theme.



I’m using vaadin 7 and experiencing around 10x slower performance in I.E. Edge vs chrome with optiongroups as the main component on the screen. It takes around 2 seconds in chrome but in IE it takes aroudn 20 seconds. Has this been addressed with a newer version of vaadin yet?

I.E. Edge
Total layout phase time:

Total layout phase time:

I.E. Edge
Processing time was

​Processing time was