Vaadin 7.3.0.rc1 Freezes after validation error

Create new TextField, immediate, assign StringToBigDecimalConverter, enter invalid value “0-s” several times pressing Enter after each attempt.
After that new requests to application will be freeezed, UI on client waits for response infinitely.
I use Jetty from Gradle Vaadin plugin 0.8.2.

I can’t reproduce this issue with 7.3.0.rc1 nor with the latest version from the master branch. What browser did you test with? Was push enabled? What theme did you use? Could you show the code you used when testing?

Probably it is problem with Gradle plugin and embedded jetty because after any exception on server side it freezes. It is not reproduced with maven.

One more addition, problem is not reproduced with

vaadin.plugin.logToConsole = true