Vaadin 7.3.0.beta1 and CDI 1.0.0.alpha2 lunch problem

Hi all,

i have a problem with the latest vaadin version and CDI.
My application was working fine untile i replaced navigation from the standard vaadin Navigator
to the navigation by CDIViewProvider.

Problem on the attachet screan.

The application builds and deploys fine on wildfly-8.0.0.Final with java 1.8.0,
Writing the direct link in browser navigates to all views provided.

Problem is that the application looks disabled and after clicking on one of the menu items i get a warning:
“Trying to invoke method on not yet started or stopped application.”

I was trying to lunch it without a web.xml file and with it, both give the same result.

My UI.class looks like that:

@Title(“Payments App”)
public abstract class AbstractPaymentsApplication extends UI {

private CDIViewProvider viewProvider;

protected VerticalLayout mainApplicationLayout;
private MenuBar logoutMenuBar;
private MenuBar loginMenuBar;
private Navigator innerNavigator;

protected void init(VaadinRequest vaadinRequest) {
    loginMenuBar = setLoginMenuBar();
    logoutMenuBar = setLogoutMenuBar();

    getSession().setAttribute(SessionEnum.UI.getName(), this);

    if (!isLogedIn())
        getSession().setAttribute(SessionEnum.LOGED_IN.getName(), false);

    mainApplicationLayout = new VerticalLayout();
    mainApplicationLayout.setWidth(100, Unit.PERCENTAGE);

    VerticalLayout header = new VerticalLayout();
    header.setMargin(new MarginInfo(false, true, false, false));
    header.setWidth(100, Unit.PERCENTAGE);
    header.setHeight(80, Unit.PIXELS);

    Label applicationTitleLabel = new Label(FontAwesome.MONEY.getHtml() + " Payments ", ContentMode.HTML);

    header.setComponentAlignment(applicationTitleLabel, Alignment.MIDDLE_LEFT);


    if (!isLogedIn())

    VerticalLayout innerApplicationLayout = new VerticalLayout();

    mainApplicationLayout.addComponent(new ApplicationFooter());

    ComponentContainerViewDisplay innerViewDisplay = new ComponentContainerViewDisplay(innerApplicationLayout);
    innerNavigator = new Navigator(UI.getCurrent(), innerViewDisplay);

    if (isLogedIn())

private boolean isLogedIn() {
    final Object logedIn = getSession().getAttribute(SessionEnum.LOGED_IN.getName());
    return (logedIn != null && logedIn.equals(true));

 * Setting menu which will be displayed before login/after logout
 * @return MenuBar
public abstract MenuBar setLogoutMenuBar();

 * Setting menu which will be displayed after login (when the user logs in)
 * @return MenuBar
public abstract MenuBar setLoginMenuBar();

 * Changing menu with items after log in
public void changeToLoginMenuBar() {
    mainApplicationLayout.replaceComponent(logoutMenuBar, loginMenuBar);

 * Changing menu with items before log in or after log out
public void changeToLogoutMenuBar() {
    mainApplicationLayout.replaceComponent(loginMenuBar, logoutMenuBar);


public class PaymentsApplication extends AbstractPaymentsApplication {

private LogoutMenuBar logoutMenuBar;
private LoginMenuBar loginMenuBar;

public MenuBar setLogoutMenuBar() {
    return logoutMenuBar;

public MenuBar setLoginMenuBar() {
    return loginMenuBar;

[/code]And the menubar.

public class LogoutMenuBar extends AbstractLoginLogoutMenuBar {

    private MenuPresenterImpl menuPresenter;

    protected void addMenuItems() {
        MenuItem main = addItem(MAIN_NAME, MAIN_ICON, mainCommand());
        MenuItem login = addItem(LOGIN_NAME, LOGIN_ICON, loginCommand());
        MenuItem register = addItem(REGISTER_NAME, REGISTER_ICON, registerCommand());

    private Command mainCommand() {
        return menuItem -> menuPresenter.navigateTo(WelcomeView.NAME);

    private Command registerCommand() {
        return menuItem -> menuPresenter.navigateTo(RegisterView.NAME);

    private Command loginCommand() {
        return menuItem -> menuPresenter.navigateTo(LoginView.NAME);


I’m trying to fix this problem for several days hope someone can help with it.