Vaadin 7.1beta1: How to write and read cookies now?

Hi, I installed the new beta of Vaadin 7.1 to test the push features. It is nice and working very well.
But then I realized that I start getting null pointer exception when trying to write and read cookies.
The method VaadinService.getCurrentResponse() always return null now when the push feature is on.
I opened a ticket for that :
And it seems that it is on purpose beacause the push doesn’t use regular http request and response.

Ok. Now, how can I deal with cookies?
Is there another way?


I’ve faced this in V6 apps with DontPush. You’d need this:

Until it get V7 version you can do the same thing with JavaScript call. Also you might in some cases be able to use LocalStorage (available in Vaadin TouchKit, but I guess there was a standalone add-on as well) instead of cookies.