Vaadin 7.1 Webinar coming up next week!

Welcome Vaadin 7.1 Webinar on Thursday July 11th 2013 at 3pm CEST.

Your hosts Joonas Lehtinen and Henri Sara from the team behind Vaadin will be there to introduce Vaadin 7.1

We will show some live coding and give you some pointers to get started with Vaadin 7.1, but we also want to hear what you might have in mind, so prepare with some questions.

We like to keep this informal and interactive with the following agenda:

  • Welcome & intro
  • Feature by feature:
    Servlet 3.0 support, Push, Debug window, CSS inject, Compiling themes, Add-on theme packaging, Calendar demo
  • Vaadin Roadmap: what’s next?
  • Q&A’s

Duration: approx. 45min.

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