Vaadin 7.0.4 and Vaadin 6.8.10 released

Maintenance releases for both Vaadin 7 and Vaadin 6 have been published earlier today with important bug fixes for portal environments. All users of Vaadin portlets are strongly urged to upgrade Vaadin in the portlets.

Download the version from
or with Maven / Ivy get it from the Maven central repository.

Are new 6.8 releases not going to be available for download from Eclipse directly like before? I don’t see 6.8.10 listed.

Sorry - it seems the list of available versions for Eclipse wasn’t updated automatically as it should have been. The version 6.8.10 as well as the latest 6.8 nightlies should now be there and we are investigating why the update didn’t happen.

Note that you might have to restart Eclipse, as it caches the list of available versions for a while.