Vaadin 7.0.0.alpha3 extracting server-sided component code

hi all.
I’m working with Vaadin 7.0.0.alpha 3 and Maven. Here I have one Vaadin and a general Maven (.jar) project. What I now have to do is defining a server sided component in the general (.jar) project and connect a widget and it’s connector class, which got defined in the Vaadin project, to it.

First I tryed it simply that way and added the pom depency of the non-Vaadin project to the Vaadin project and startet the gwt-compiler with your addon. But if I run the project the code of the .client package is completly ignored. (Despite it’s working fine under the gwt-debug-mode)

After that I thought I could create the complete widgetset in my jar-project and use it in my Vaadin project.
For that I added the client parts and the widgetset.xml to the project and startet the compiler.
The compiler then created the VAADIN.widgetsets folder whitch includes the WidgetSet and the WidgetSet-deploy files.

But if I now include the widgetset with the “inherits” statement in the widgetset.xml of my vaadin project, it gets deleted when I compile it and is completly ignored, when I run the project.

I simply need my serversided component in a external jar project. I don’t care where the client-sided code got written.
I hope you can help me and have a sollution.