Vaadin 6 upgrade from 6.7.5 to 6.8.17 widgetset version mismatch

I’m using Eclipse Mars and Eclipse Vaadin Plugin 3.0, I upgraded the vaadin jar file and recompiled the widgetset and deployed to my local glassfish 3 and it works perfectly. I export the war file and deploy to our test server running glassfish 3 and I get the “The widgetset in use doesn’t seem to be built for the Vaadin version in use.”
Vaadin version: 6.7.5
Widgetset version: 6.8.17

One thing I did notice when I upgraded/compiled was it deleted a folder that ended with “-deploy” in the name under VAADIN/widgetsets. Never had issues like this before so was wondering if anyone had any input?

Turned debug on looks like it’s the theme but I don’t believe we compile the theme in vaadin 6:

Drag title=move, shift-drag=resize, doubleclick title=min/max.Use debug=quiet to log only to browser console.
Starting Vaadin client side engine. Widgetset: com.srgsaas.oakwoodonline.OakwoodOnlineApplicationWidgetset
Widget set is built on version: 6.8.17
Warning: widgetset version 6.8.17 does not seem to match theme version
Starting application OakwoodOnline-641313575
Vaadin application servlet version: 6.7.5
Application version: NONVERSIONED
Warning: your widget set seems to be built with a different version than the one used on server. Unexpected behavior may occur.
inserting load indicator
Making UIDL Request with params: init
Server visit took 260ms
JSON parsing took 0ms
New window width: 1440
New window height: 710
Running layout functions due to window or parent resize
Processing time was 29ms for 2042 characters of JSON
Referenced paintables: 9

So deployed the war file to production server and it works fine. The glassfish instance on the test server is having the issue.