Vaadin 6 to Vaadin 7 changes for Eclipse projects

If we have existing Eclipse projects built on Vaadin 6 (one app, and one add-on we built). What’s the process to update it (not talking about my code, just the Eclipse configuration) so it will work?

Should I create a new Vaadin 7 project to get all of the Ivy stuff, etc. and then copy all of my code and configuration into that new project, or is there a way to update my project “inline” so that I can begin porting our code?

If you have the latest version of the Eclipse plug-in, you can go to Project Properties → Project Facets and update the facet version of Vaadin to 7.0. That should create the Ivy configuration and update some other project metadata, remove the old Vaadin JAR from WEB-INF/lib and remove GWT dependencies etc. but will not make modifications to your code.

Thanks, Henri. I’ll give that a try.

Note also that the upgrade will not update your web.xml file, which needs to point to the UI class (new init parameter) rather than the Application class which no longer exists.