Vaadin 6 OOPHM 6.1.3 zipfile broken

I have trouble unzipping the OOPHM 6.1.3 zipfile - it appears to be broken.

Can you guys fix this?


On what platform? There is a know issue which is documented in the release notes about Windows uncompression utility (
Known Problems


Edit: Read on unless Jounis explanation helped

I just tried, and the zip works fine form me. However, this is not the first time this has occurred, but I’m told the original problem has been fixed (the problems were caused by an interrupter/incomplete download when the server did not report the size of the download)

Try clearing your cache (or a different browser) and do a re-download. And report back!
Oh, and the size of the zip should be 63020576 bytes.

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Couldn’t unzip using archive manager on Ubuntu Jaunty 64 bits.

Using the 7-zip utility on Windows Vista an trying to open the zip also fails…

So I guess there must be something wrong with the zip, right?

In addition to what Jouni said, I’ve also heard reports of the download being cut off before it has fully finished. Try re-downloading the file.

Here’s the MD5 sum so you can check whether you got the entire file:

MD5 ( = f3b249a5a77212319c5742adf797aa77

Perhaps we should put the MD5 sums on the download page as well?


Downloading using IE8 seems to work (I can open the zipfile now).

FF 3.5.4 earlier gave me a zipfile of about 6MB - should have known that there was something wrong with that. Don’t have a clue why the download terminates (too early) though.

Anyway - think I got it now.