Vaadin 6 Integration with Spring 3.0 classic

I am new to Vaadin, i am recently working on app which had been made on Spring MVC 3.0 (Not SpringBoot) with Vaadin 6. It is a huge application. since i am new to Vaadin and i know that vaadin has been upgraded, but i want to know the flow of work with vaadin 6 and Spring. How Vaadin 6 is integrated with Spring 3.0. App is running okay, but i am stuck in knowing how the pages are navigating and all. HELP ME OUT!

You might want to start with the book of Vaadin for version 6:

Also the navigation with Spring is slightly different from regular Vaadin. Try

I have read the book of vaadin, there i could not able to find the integration part. I am now looking to the url you have provided. Thanks