Vaadin 6.8.18: Select - invalid positioning of the dropdown menu in Chrome

We’re using Liferay 6.1 with Vaadin 6.8.18 and after latest chrome update (61) all dropdown menus of select elements became broken. The vertical positioning is calculated incorrectly, in the attachment, there are Chrome and Firefox calculated styles.

I made a quick research and it seems this problem is related to
Is there plans to release 6.8.19 with this fix or where can I find some instructions on how to build a new version of Vaadin and widgetset by myself?

Hi, we have exactly the same issue since latest chrome update (same vaadin and Liferay versions).
Did you find a solution?

Sorry to hear that. We’re trying to build our version of Vaadin with this fix. We haven’t had any results yet.

I’ve managed to fix this issue:

  1. You need to checkout the latest Vaadin 6.8.* version from their SVN (not github repository).
  2. Apply changes from in the same manner they do with
    VaadinDOMImplSafari. Then replace a ref to VaadinDOMImplSafari to your class in DefaultWidgetSet.gwt.xml
  3. By using JDK 5, build the ant project in /build. You’ll find a resulted artifacts in build/result.
  4. Unpack and replace liferay/tomcat/webapps/ROOT/html/VAADIN with VAADIN folder from the archive.

Hi Dmitry, can you share ?

Hello Dmitry,

How do i apply the changes to VaadinDOMImplSafari as there is no file like that at\