Vaadin 6.7 Spring 3.0.6 Hibernate 3.6 Maven Example pom

Hi all,

First of all, I have no experience on Vaadin, Spring frameworks. Previously, I’ve implemented some java ee projects with EJB, JPA, Hibernate and JSF technologies. Now, I have a new project assignment(mid-size), and I want to develop it with these technologies(in the subject). Because of the fact that I have no experience on them, I want to obey the well known design patterns for the integration of these tech. Is there any updated sample pom file for the trilogy?

I’ve seen spring 2.5.6, vaadin 6.2.1, hibernate 3.3.2 in the
. I can update the version of them in the pom, but I wonder is there a point to be taken into consideration in terms of integration and design patterns.

Thank you for your interest.

Hi, I just recently released an open-source framework based on these same technologies.

So, you can use my POMs as a guide. General info about ExpressUI framework:

Links to POMs in GitHub:

If you are building a web app, then you probably want to copy contents from
into your web app project pom.xml, which would be equivalent of
in my project.

These Maven scripts are geared towards supporting full continuous integration using H2 as a lightweight, local database, although you can swap in a production DB by using profile. Another benefit of my structure is that you can rebuild your web app without a GWT recompilation, which is the slowest part of the build process.

If you or anyone else is interested in using these scripts verbatim for commercial purposes, please send an email request to the address on the contact page of my website.



Thank you very much Juan for your interest and elaborate reply. I have been quite busy, now I am available and going to understand your framework and build a scaffold for my assigned project upon your approach to integrating these technologies in your framework. But I have to say that with a quick look, I am very impressed the content of framework you have done, it is amazing! Your framework is like a book, I can learn lots of de facto coding standards and design patterns from source you have been referenced. I will let you know about the consequences(But it will take some days, it is big :slight_smile: ).