Vaadin 6/7 - simultaneous development?

I have not paid much attention to the Vaadin 7 effort (sorry - I’ve been busy this year :)) I downloaded one of the beta versions a few weeks back and played a bit with trying to upgrade one of my projects to use it. But that is about it. However, I do intend to migrate my systems to use Vaadin 7 when it is released. So I have a couple of questions:

  1. My current development environment is Eclipse (Juno) with Java 1.6.37 (Sun/Oracle java). I’m building programs with Vaadin 6.8.4.
    a) If I want to install Vaadin 7, do I have to modify my Eclipse environment? I read something about using Ivey to create projects.
    Will this cause problems for my existing Vaadin 6 projects? I’m going to have to maintain those while I transition to Vaadin 7. Or do I need to install Eclipse twice and configure it differently for Vaadin 7? If I use the same Eclipse, I will separate my projects into v6 and v7 Eclipse workspaces…

    b) If I want to migrate to Java 7 at the same time as I move to Vaadin 7 - is that a good or a bad idea? Our company is looking to move to one of the OpenJava implementations instead of Sun/Oracle java - will that be a problem with Vaadin?

  2. When Vaadin 7 is released, should I expect that the extensions will all be available (things like JPAContainer, Timeline etc.)? I’m assuming I’ll need to download new versions of all the extensions…yes?

thanks very much - looking forward to the new environment…

Happy Holidays everyone!


1a) Ivy is just a dependency management tool. You can decide yourself if you want Ivy or Maven to handle the dependencies, or do it manually by throwing in all the needed jars into WEB-INF/lib. There’s a ‘Vaadin 7 all’ package for download which has all the needed jars in it.

1b) No difference from Vaadin’s point of view. I think Vaadin 7 requires Java 5, and everything higher than that is fine. Personally I’m on Java 6 as I haven’t found really reasons to upgrade.

  1. I’d say you can expect all the official add-ons made by Vaadin Ltd. to be upgraded to Vaadin 7. That includes both JPAContainer and Timeline you mentioned. Timeline has already been ported to Vaadin 7 beta 2 and will surely be upgraded when RC is out. JPAContainer has been ported to beta 11 which is the latest release of Vaadin 7.

Thanks for the info. But my first question also relates to building with both Vaadin 6 and Vaadin 7 in different Eclipse projects. If I install the experimental Eclipse plugin for Vaadin, will that still work for my older Vaadin 6 projects? I’ll have them in a different workspace than what I use for Vaadin 7.




i am using Eclipse Juno (on Java7u10) and the experimental Vaadin plugin witout problems.
I have Vaadin6 and and Vaadin7 projects in the same workspace and it’s fine for me.

The only bad thing is, i can’t find a way to share Vaadin dependent code between
V6/V7 projects. So parallel V6/V7 development is impossible without code copying.
I tried a lot to get it with symbolic links (on Linux), but that makes it harder for
CVS/SVN operations.


For now, I can get by without code sharing - being able to build v6/v7 in the same environment will be good. Thanks for the information!