Vaadin 6.7.10 is available

It might be worth mentioning that this particular Vaadin build was made in Lapland, in a cabin near the Ylläs fell. The reindeer wander freely in the streets of the village, Äkäslompolo; I met a group of them on my way to the local grocery store. The location is well north of the arctic circle, and while it’s now exactly “midnight” here, the sun is shining through the windows of the cabin. Yesterday I visited a lake that leads to the underworld, and couple of seita stones nearby. This is where the vaadin roam.

Vaadin 6.7.10 is a maintenance release for the 6.7 branch of Vaadin Framework.

This release contains only bug fixes. For a detailed list, see the
list of closed issues
in Vaadin Trac for a detailed change log. For other release information, see the
Release Notes

Get the installation package from the download site at
. If you are using the Vaadin Plugin for Eclipse, upgrade the Vaadin version from the project preferences. If using Maven, the repositories will replicate in a few hours.

As always, when upgrading from an earlier version, you should recompile any custom widget sets and refresh your project in Eclipse. See the
General Upgrade Notes
for more details on upgrading.

So this version vaadin is released from a truly exotic location!