Vaadin 6.4 Rendering Problems in IE7


somehow Vaadin has a problem displaying a Table in IE7.
Attached are two screenshots. Clipboard01 shows the page rendered in IE7 with the missing VScrolltable.
Clipboard02 shows the rendered page in Chrome, where the VScrolltable is displayed properly.
The debug window shows that there is no VScrolltable to render.
But in the same application the IE7 renderes another Table correct.

How can I get some more information about this problem?
Sorrily we can’t drop IE7 support (I wish we could :frowning: ).


As I found out, the problem was not the Table but a Button in the layout above.
In the code of VButton#setWidth is special treatment for IE6 and IE7 implemented. It assumes that the given value is an Integer, which is incorrect when not using PX as unit. So the code throws an exception which stops further execution.
I created
ticket #6524
for this.