Vaadin 6.3 series and GWT 2.0

While as
haven’t had time to cool down yet, dev team started to
work on 6.3 -series
already. There is already one interesting thing
to 6.3 - (early) support for GWT 2.0. If you want to try it out, just go and grab a
nightly build

The debug console shows following lines which I find irritating:

PS: I see the same with version 6.2.1

I am actually happy you find the mismatching lines irritating. :slight_smile:
Now go and update/recompile your widgetset so it matches the Vaadin jar version you are using.

In practice the lines means that you are running Vaadin 6.2.0 on server side and Vaadin 6.3.0 nightly on client side. Not a good choice.

Yeah, it was a
. I had an unused custom widgetset in my web.xml. So I withdraw my objection and find, that the current 6.3.0 nightly works fine at least for simple apps.