Vaadin 6.3.0 available

Vaadin 6.3 is finally out, after nearly four months of work. Get the installation package from the download site at
. If you are using the Vaadin Plugin for Eclipse, upgrade the Vaadin version from the project preferences. Hopefully you noticed the update of the Eclipse plugin two weeks ago - if not, update it as well.

The release includes a number of important new features. To see what’s new, please check out the
Demo Site
and especially the Sampler, which highlights the new features.

The biggest new feature is
Keyboard shortcuts
have been made easier (
), as is finding
browser info
). See the
Release Notes
for a detailed list of new features as well as bug fixes.

As always, when upgrading from an earlier version, you should recompile any custom widget sets and refresh your project in Eclipse. Vaadin 6.3 introduces GWT 2.0 (included in the installation package), which offers the new
GWT Development Mode
. The GWT Development Mode is based on the experimental OOPHM mode, and allows debugging client-side GWT code with a debugger, such as in Eclipse. As in OOPHM, the code executes in a real browser, not in the GWT Hosted Mode Browser. See the
General Upgrade Notes
for more details on upgrading.

Vaadin 6.3 will now enter maintenance mode and we will be releasing maintenance releases about every two weeks, as necessary. Vaadin 6.4 is some three months away and will hopefully introduce the long awaited TreeTable. Plans for upcoming releases can be found from the
Vaadin Roadmap
in the Vaadin Trac.

Excellent news. I love the keyboard shortcuts demo - simple, yet important.

One thing : The Paint[1]
theme doesn’t seem to work when selected in the sampler ; the window just goes completely white.

I’ve tried the following browsers

Windows: [list]

IE 8.0
[*} Firefox 3.6.3

OS X :[list]

Safari 4.0.5
Opera 9.5.1



Isn’t it called Chameleon now? : Maybe that’s the problem!

(I hate this editor on the forums, by the way. That’s the second time I’ve completely lost the contents of a post, and had to retype it, simply because I pressed a toolbar button!)

Great news, great work!

And with Drag&Drop-support I’m seriously thinking about porting my
to Vaadin…:slight_smile:

Just a little problem with the sampler:

If you want to move an item from the top of the table to the bottom (last position in table), there’s no way to scroll the table while dragging an item… at least I didn’t manage to make it work with Firefox.

Cheers, Maik

Aargh! My bad! The third theme option should not be there, I’ve just totally fudged up with some commit and accidentally added that to the trunk. Oh the shame… I’ll be hearing about this when I get back to the office…

Oh well, 6.3.1 is only two weeks away… :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulatios, great work ! :smiley:


Yes, it is known limitation that the Table doesn’t scroll while dragging (
). The same goes for Tree that if you drag an item over a collapsed node, the node doesn’t expand automatically while dragging (
). These problems will looked into at some point.