Vaadin 6.2.0.pre1 available

The first prerelease version of the upocming Vaadin 6.2.0 release is available for download.

You can download the installation package from

If you are using the Vaadin Plugin for Eclipse,
the standard plugin does not yet support Vaadin 6.2
. You need the experimental plugin, which you can install to Eclipse with the URL [tt]
[/tt]. After installing it, simply upgrade your project from project preferences to use the new version and the plugin will download the new Vaadin Jar for you.

For a list of new features and enhancements, see the prerelease edition of the
Release Notes for Vaadin 6.2.0

Problem fixes and enhancements planned for upcoming releases can be found from the
Vaadin Roadmap
in Vaadin Trac.

As always, when upgrading from an earlier version, you should recompile any custom widget sets and refresh your project in Eclipse. If you are upgrading from earlier than 6.1.0, notice that Vaadin 6.2 uses GWT 1.7 (included in the installation package). See the
General Upgrade Notes
for more details on upgrading.

The demos for 6.2.0.pre1 are available on-line at

You might especially want to check out the new
, which has new examples and greatly enhanced icons for better clarity. Well, for a part of the examples for now.

If Vaadin 6.2 was a woman, I’d sleep with her :wink: Great!

LOL… Amazing quote :)

I have some problems at least with getting the latest jar, I go into (from Eclipse 3.5.1) with right click from my project Properties, from there in the tree I select Vaadin and then click download to give me a list of the available versions, it shows 6.2.0 pre1 and a host of others but if you then select to then download by selecting and clicking OK it says failed to download.
However if I select on the download window the check box ‘show pre release versions and nightly…’ it gives me a much longer list (OK thats expected :slight_smile: ) where I can then select 6.2.0 pre 1 but not the top one in the list but the one that is under 5.3.0 it then downloads and works ok.
Hope this helps if someone is having similar problems.

There was a problem caused by the download page that required the use of dash in the version name, as in “6.2.0-pre1”, but the version name is “6.2.0.pre1” (as required by OSGi), so I made a temporary workaround at the download site to get the website working, but the Vaadin Plugin for Eclipse could not cope with the workaround.

The website problem was fixed last friday (December 11th) and the workaround was removed. Please report if there are still any problems.

(Also the links in the announcement message above had gone sour on friday, they should work now.)

Seems all the ITMILL team have done lots of improvement in the framework.

It’s a nice gift u gave us for Christmas days :wink:

thx a lot !