Vaadin 6.1 Pre-release

Vaadin 6.1.0-pre1 is the first update release for Vaadin 6. In addition to many bug fixes, the most significant additions are:

  • Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is upgraded to version 1.7. You should recompile custom widget sets using the new version.
  • Performance improvements (general, Table caching)
  • Google App Engine (GAE) support.
  • Maven support
  • New NativeButton component that always uses the native button in the browser
  • New CssLayout layout component
  • A fast low-level layout where the contained components are rendered as trivially as possible under a single div element.
  • Result can be similar to VerticalLayout or HorizontalLayout, depending on CSS, but is noticeably faster.
  • No spacing, alignment or expansion rations, unlike with the more feature rich layouts.
  • No abstraction of browser differences; you need to make sure the CSS supports all the browser that you want your application to support.

  • Full support for Internet Explorer 8

You can download the pre release from
. Please submit bug reports if you find any problems so that we could correct them before official 6.1.0.

Your eclipse plugin should also find it if you check “Show pre-releases and nightly builds”. Just select 6.1.0-pre1 from the list and you will update automatically.

It would be nice if you could tell us which nightly build corresponds to that pre-release. I see a bug in the pre-release that was not there in nightly builds up to August 27, and it would help me narrow things down

(the bug is in an area not described in the release notes - when the user downloads a file via a StreamSource, all goes well, except that in 6.1-pre the progress indicator goes white-yellow-red and I have to use “?restartApplication” to get going again – there are no other apparent effects)

6.1.0-pre1 is built from svn revision 8622 so it roughly corresponds to vaadin-6.1.nightly-20090901-c8626.jar

Please file a ticket if you can reproduce it using the latest version so we can get it fixed before 6.1.0.

Vaadin 6.1.0-pre2 is out with a lot of bugfixes since pre1.

Download from

or through the Eclipse plugin update feature. - Still present in 2009-09-03 which is what I assume pre2 is…