Vaadin 24 production css issues

Anyone else having an issue with the css when running in prod?
I look at my css in dev, and it looks fine, but when i clean/install with production profile and run that, my css is messed up. I dont have an example right now, i just want to know if anyone experienced something similar?

How are you applying your css? With the theme folder or using @CssImport? Everything looks weird or just specific parts… like… are some components not rendered correctly? Are you using reflection to build parts of your views?

With @cssimport

I am not sure, but it’s mainly :host css using the themefor native components (shadow dom stuff)

You could be hit by a bug that should be fixed in the next release. For Vaadin components it’s not recommended or needed to style them with CssImport. Those can be targeted with the new CSS selectors in v24 or the corresponding files within the components folder in your theme.

Might be this bug that we fixed recently, but not yet released. Please follow this pull request to get auto comments from bot about releasing this patch in next Vaadin versions.