Vaadin 24.4 and Spring security

I’m trying to migrate to Spring Security for Vaadin 24.4. Everything worked of for Flow views with the @RolesAllowed and algo for the @Services with @RolasAllowed. The problem comes with React views, previous applications I used Hilla documentation but now React router is different. If I add security in the view tax file something like:

export const config: ViewConfig = { menu: { order: 1, icon: ‘line-awesome/svg/address-book.svg’ }, title: ‘Hillla view’, rolesAllowed: [‘ROLE_ALL’], loginRequired: true};

It displays correctly in the navigator but NOTHING is display in the content. If I take out the rolesalloed and loginRequired everything works but without security.

I there an example for Vaadin 24.4 using Spring Security?

You can get a working example with Spring Security, Hilla and Vaadin 24.4 if you go to and start a new project with a Hilla view that has any other “View Access” setting than the default.

If you find out what’s different between that example and what you have, then please let us know so that we can make the implementation more resilient to various variations or at the very least show clearer error messages.

Screenshot 2024-06-26 at 9.27.39

Thanks for your promptly response. I dis what you suggest (use and ok, now it utilize Spring Security, one Hilla view for login and another Hilla view with the ADMIN role. Two things where wrong: the application never shows the login panel and second the Hilla view with the role ADMIN is not shown (as soon as I deleted the rolesAllowed in the ViewConfig class it is shown).
Any idea what I am doing wrong