Vaadin 24.1 Split layout problem.

Does anyone else have issues with version 24.1, all of a sudden my split layouts are not working as they should. This only happens when I build a Docker image and deploy it to the server. Everything works fine in the development environment. I can’t seem to find the problem at all.

The symptom is that the horizontal split layout is shown in vertical, without spliter, with the content stacked on top of each other.

I have cleared the cache and tried mvn vaadin:dance…

Did you enforce a prod build?

Sorry, what do yo mean by that?

true true

Within your maven plugin

Will try now. But my build really takes at least 15 minutes.

While waiting: another thing to rule out: how are you using / instantiating the split layout? “Normal” or some advanced java stuff via reflection or class magic?

Very normal…

Then hopefully this will fix it :see_no_evil: gonna create an issue about it once you confirm it works again

I really hope so!

Interesting…now i’ve got milion of dependencies errors

npm ERR! Invalid: lock file’s @vaadin/message-input@24.0.8 does not satisfy @vaadin/message-input@24.1.0

You also added the second param from the docs?

And how does your package-lock looks? Did it contains 24.0.8 or 24.1.0?


Are you using the development bundle locally? Or vite?

Short version:

  • delete package-lock.json
  • start your app locally (takes 2-3min)
  • commit the new lock file
    → prod build should work again

Deleted all and:

You still have the ciBuild config param in your pom