Vaadin 24.0.0.beta2: Frontend resources not updated

In a pure Flow application (straight from I’m using the template approach for one component: so I have a Java Component (based on LitElement) and a corresponding .ts file. In the latest Vaadin release, changes to the .ts file are automatically picked up and the page is reloaded. After upgrading to a Vaadin 24 pre-release this no longer works. Changes are no longer detected, but - even worse - even after a restart of the whole application it still doesn’t pick up the previously made changes. It seems the .ts file is only copied the first time from frontend to src/main/dev-bundle/config/templates and then only the copy is used, but never updated.
Is this expected or a known issue? Should I create a ticket for it?

Tip from Artur: If you want to not use dev bundles at all and have use Vite like earlier versions, set frontendHotdeploy to true for the Maven plugin

I think the documentation should be updated.

In the you can add this:
See here: fix: update available properties by caalador · Pull Request #2157 · vaadin/docs · GitHub
For the explanation of the configuration
(The documentation is not updated since the PR is pending)

Is hot deploy the same as live reload?

Because the Vaadin dev tools say that live reload for the front end is active.

But the more concerning thing is, that even a server restart did not update the *.ts file. At least a “cold deploy” should always work, no?

cold deploy should work. live reload is different since it’s also for Java and css.

The change is quite recent so I didn’t try it myself (yet)

Hot and cold deploy both work with vaadin.frontend.hotdeploy=true. Without it both don’t work. The front end bundle isn’t being rebuilt.

@quirky-zebra is this the same problem here I mentioned earlier today ?

No you are on 23.x - it’s totally different