Vaadin 23 - upload file get error with PDF

Java 17. Vaadin 23.3.29. dev mode
When uploads PDF file (.pdf), then got error below. But if changes file extension from .pdf to .zip, then it works.

import com.vaadin.flow.component.upload.Upload; @Id("butImportDocInit") private Upload butImportDocInit; butImportDocInit.setMaxFiles(1); butImportDocInit.setAcceptedFileTypes(".zip, .ZIP, .7z, .7Z, .pdf, .PDF");


  • change file extension to .7z also not working.
  • Vaadin version 23.3.28 works fine. so this issue only happens with Vaadin 23.3.29.

@quick-witted-echidna FYI
2023-12-01 22:07:57.620 WARN 75626 — [nio-9090-exec-6] c.v.f.s.c.StreamReceiverHandler : File upload failed.

You should post this on GitHub in the flow repo.


The problem wasn’t in 23.3.28, right? If not, you could also go back in the meantime