Vaadin 18 Grid Column Overflow

I need to be able to handle text values that overflow a grid column. Ideally, the user would be able to tell that there is overflow via an ellipsis and be able to click a link/button that opens up a dialog with the full content. At the very least I need the user to be able to tell there is overflow.

I can implement this manually by checking the character length of each value and adding a button that opens the dialog if that value exceeds some limit, but that method doesn’t adjust to changing column widths.

Does Vaadin have any components that can do something similar to this? If not, Is the manual method I described above the best way to do this? I know CSS has a property that can detect overflow and draw an ellipsis, but this doesn’t work with a Vaadin grid, because the column contents are full width, and clipped. And that alone doesn’t solve the issue with the user being able to open the full content.

If you want to wrap it, you can set the theme of the Grid to “wrap-cell-content”.