Vaadin 18/19 without Spring Boot?

The page creates a new Vaadin Flow project for versions 18 or 19 (pre-release). But the resulting project requires Spring Boot.

I do not want Spring. I do not want Spring Boot. Both solve problems I do not have. Both add complications I do not want.

Is there a way to work with Vaadin 18 or 19 without Spring, with just plain Servlet technology?

Is there any Maven archetype available for Vaadin 18 or 19 but free of Spring & Spring Boot? Formerly, we had the Maven archetype [vaadin-archetype-application]
( But that archetype works only for up to Vaadin 16. Fails for Vaadin 17 & 18, as [discussed on Stack Overflow]

As a workaround, is there some way to take Spring Boot based project generated on and then rip out all the Spring related parts? Or is that not viable?

[Marcus Hellberg]
( of Vaadin Ltd [answered]
( this question on Stack Overflow:

The easiest way is to use [Skeleton Starter for Vaadin]
( as a base, using the v18 branch in this case.

Yes! That works.

I downloaded a zip from that GitHub page. Comes preconfigured for Vaadin Flow 18.0.5. Runs as-is using the embedded Jetty web server.

Also comes pre-configured with the Vaadin pre-releases repository address. So I could easily change the version to Vaadin Flow 19.0.0.alpha5.

![Screenshot of initial web app provided by Skeleton Starter for Vaadin]