Vaadin 14 TaskMob demo source code


Vaadin 14 looks very good. The demo app TaskMob looks great. Where can i get the source code of this TaskMob app.

Thanks in Advance!

Hi. Unfortunately, the project is not open source. There are some other projects that are, though. For example the Business App Starter is worth checking out: Also, you might want to try Where you can customize the generated app by adding/removing various kinds of views, and easily adjust the theme.

Hi! In my opinion it would be helpful to have that TaskMob application open sourced or the example replaced in the website, with an open source one. The core framework is open (and I think that is a great selling point), so it would be nice to leverage that.

I would love to see TaskMob open sourced, i were in love with these UIs.

First of all excuse me for my english.
I agree with what other users have said.
Vaadin suffers greatly from clarity in the documentation but above all in the examples.
I have very often complained about this situation, especially since we moved from version 8 to 10(+).

In the last 2 years I have done at least 5 projects with vaadin and all 5 very different vaadin version with little possibility
of being able to unify them if not at a very high corporate cost.

The documentation is mixed, confused and too simple … and too frequently the examples remain relative to previous versions due (in my opinion) of a too continuous robust technological change.

When I met vaadin for the first time he allowed me to accelerate internal development x10.
Love it.

Today I lose 70% of the time in the maze of a situation that has become chaotic.
Version 13 has a menu and sub-menu management which is not very embarrassing!!
Version 14 from bower to npm…o my God.

The only way to learn more about advanced techniques is to take as a reference some “well done” demos.

At the moment I find that the demo in question is the most beautiful and has an aesthetic
really remarkable … pixel detailed … cured … fast. Excellent.

It is therefore sad to know that you are paying a license (which moreover is not really cheap)
and not being able to take full advantage of them.

It is really disheartening.

Thanks for the attention

Daniele Cerreti:

totally agree, as you have at least 6 corporate applications in versions 7.x and 8.x and due to the robustness of emigration and chosen to remain in these versions; It is frustrating not being able to update them to version 14.
Similarly, I am in a new project in Vaadin 14 and the adaptation curve is very slow.
I also think it is a very beautiful framework.

When I see things on such as:

When to use fixed positioning and custom scroll containers. Especially on mobile, you can cause unexpected UX issues by not relying on default browser scroll behavior.

View transitions. It takes a lot of careful orchestration to create performant and seamless view transitions. There are some Vaadin specific things to consider as well, such as keeping things in sync in both the client and the server.

Improving loading time. Optimizing the first bundle size, asset prefetching, splash screen – there are many ways to improve the startup user experience.

Install the app on iOS, Android and desktop. Most modern platforms offer a way to install a web app, but there are differences to take into account. Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS handle installation differently, and the app needs to take care of these differences to create good experience for the users.

I start to wonder, following the open source starter and demo apps with new headaches of the smallest things. After I get smooth sailing how am I going to solve the problems listed above with a very lacking documentation of 14, even less of 15?

I feel like I am paying for the tools to build a race car but I am only given the learning material to build something that rolls and runs.

I love the framework, just more so a few years ago.

Why don’t you share the source of the demo in question? Through the standard use of vaadin it is not possible to create an experience similar to taskmob, so it could be a great starting point for those who want to build a PWA in Vaadin.
Or at least allow paying users to download it.

Thank you

Vaadin wants you to build the same app as TaskMob so you will understand Vaadin framework deeper deeper :)).

I am trying to change theme on runtime for my app, so i came here :)).