vaadin 14 npm error

Failed to execute goal com.vaadin:vaadin-maven-plugin:14.8.16:prepare-frontend (default-cli) on project my-starter-project: Failed to install Node: Unable to detect version of Node. Using command C:\Users\Karthi.vaadin\node\node.exe --version: Process exited with non 0 exit code. (216) → [Help 1] i am using windows 7 professional 64 bit i got this error?

Windows 7 is very old, so it could be something related to that. You could try installing Node manually.

You might have solved this by now.

I am also stuck on Win 7 unfortunately. Win 7 stopped supporting Node newer than v13.14 or there about some time ago. Newer versions of Vaadin requires a newer version of Node. Think v16.9 or maybe even newer. Vaadin employees knows this better than me. At the time I fixed this by installing Node v16.14.0 (I am still using this version) manually and putting NODE_SKIP_PLATFORM_CHECK=1and NODE_JS=c:\nodejs\node-v16.14.0-win-x64as an environment variable in Windows. I think I might have updated NPM manually at a later time. Currently NPM v8.12.2.