Vaadin 14 - How to set Renderer for an existing Column in a Grid?

Hi there, I like to know how I can set a renderer for an existing column, which has been automatically added by the Bean inspection of the Grid? Exists there a way in Vaadin 14 or newer? I only saw the possiblity with “AddColumn”, any other easier way?

Thank you

there is a hidden and hacky way to redefine the renderer on the javascript side, as [seen here]
( I don’t recommend this.

What I would do in your situation is to remove the autogenerated column, and add a new one with addColumn where you now can create your own ValueProvider. Or you prevent the initial autogeneration of columns by passing false as second parameter of the Grid constructor (Grid<Foo> fooGrid = new Grid(Foo.class, false);), and then add only those columns you want, either using the property name if autogeneration is good enough (fooGrid.addColumn("fooBar");), or using your own ValueProvider where you can control formatting etc yourself (fooGrid.addColumn(item -> item.getFooBar().toLowerCase()).setKey("fooBar");)

Thank you, good stuff.