vaadin 14 flow grid double click bug?


I got main view with grid that have double click event. After first logIn with spring security double click event work normally. But when I logIn again double click event fire 2 times.

After i relog few times doubleClickEvent fire this same amount as I logIn user.

I needed to add flag after closing the dialog to resolve this problem. Someone got similar problem maybe?
Is this bug in vaadin 14?

ok resolved it ehh

        new SecurityContextLogoutHandler()
                .logout(((VaadinServletRequest) VaadinService.getCurrentRequest())
                        .getHttpServletRequest(), null, null);


Hi Rafal

If I might ask, how did you logout before? I’m currently figuring out if the invalidation of the session is indeed needed, or if navigating to “/logout” is enough when using spring security.

For logout its working but… when i navigate to other view and go back problem show again.

For spring security i am using, but I dont know if i need invalidate:


        if(SecurityContextHolder.getContext() != null)