Vaadin 14: don't generate stats.json

I try to deploy spring boot + vaadin 14 on wildfly installed on debian. I set up ci using gitlab.

image: java:8

  - undeploy
  - build-frontend
  - deploy

  - chmod +x mvnw

  stage: undeploy
  tags: [runner-production]

  script: ./mvnw -e -X wildfly:undeploy

build frontend:
  stage: build-frontend
  tags: [runner-production]

  script: ./mvnw -e -X vaadin:prepare-frontend vaadin:build-frontend

  stage: deploy
  tags: [runner-production]

        ./mvnw -e -X wildfly:deploy
    - master

When maven doing vaadin:build-frontend in logs it writes

Updated /home/gitlab-runner/builds/a41nNuzA/0/a.charov/admin/target/frontend/generated-flow-imports-fallback.js
 Updated /home/gitlab-runner/builds/a41nNuzA/0/a.charov/admin/target/frontend/generated-flow-imports.js
Emitted /home/gitlab-runner/builds/a41nNuzA/0/a.charov/admin/target/classes/META-INF/VAADIN/config/stats.json

Build was success, but files do not appear in these directories. When I access the site I get Internal server error. In wildfly’s log The stats file from webpack (stats.json) was not found undefined
The application is running in production mode.Verify that build-frontend task has executed successfully
and that stats.json is on the classpath.Or switch application to development mode

How can I fix it?

Command ./mvnw -e-X vaadin:prepare-frontend vaadin:build-frontend should generate js scripts and settings in json files. When gitlab launches it, the runner writes in the logs that everything is generated, but this does not actually happen. Only if you run the command manually via sudo. How to configure vaadin:build-frontend in debian? The problem seems to be with the rights of users who run commands.